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Backup & Disaster Recovery

What happens if your company data was lost, stolen, or damaged?

How would that impact you?
Could your business survive?

On average a major system outage can last 23 days! What happens to your business in that time? Protect your business with a disaster recovery plan through Executive Image Solutions.

Datto Backup

  • Rapid Recovery through Virtualization
  • Full System Image backups
  • Redundant Onsite and Cloud storage
  • Infinite or 1 year retention

Datto Cloud Continuity

  • Rapid Recovery through Virtualization
  • Backup for Individual workstations
  • Full System Image backups
  • 1 year retention

Barracuda Backup

  • File Systems backup
  • Availability for redundant onsite and cloud storage
  • Policy based retention
  • Cost effective

SAAS Protection

  • Office365 and G-Suite FULL system backups
  • Cloud to Cloud backup solution
  • Rapid Recovery of Data Files

Disaster Recovery Program Assistance

  • Assistance in creating a Disaster Recovery Policy
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Consultation Services

If you’d like to learn more about backup and disaster recovery, contact us today!